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Art Studio Motive brings together art lovers. Children, young people and adults, who wish to express what they see and experience around them in the language of colours and forms gather here. Our goal is to carry forward the traditions of painting.
By now we have operated for 10 years and in addition to drawing and painting, we have also offered the chance to try out different techniques, such as glass painting, tile art, collage, linocut, colour sand pictures, sculpture and many more. Your instructors are teachers and artists educated both in Tartu and Tallinn, who introduce you the basics of composition, teach perspective and human anatomy and guide you to see the relations of colour, light and shade. We place a strong emphasis on painting and drawing of real objects since the nature is our best teacher.
We learn to look, see and after this, depict. We do not m a k e art, but help you to r e a c h towards art. In order for this to succeed it takes a lot of practice and our art studio offers you the opportunity.

But the pictures speak for themselves. Please have a look at these in our gallery section!

Art is calling!
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